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Welcome to The Friendship Test, the ultimate measure of your knowledge about your friends, family, and colleagues! Let the testing begin!


How to Take The Friendship Test


Grab a friend, colleague, or family member to take the test with. 


Both take the Friendship Test.


Answer the first round of questions based on how you think you are perceived by your friend, colleague, or family member. 1-10 with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.


Answer the second round of questions based on how you perceive your friend, colleague, or family member. 


Compare your scores with how you perceive your friend with how they think you perceive them and vice versa. 


You will receive results in an email from notifications@ 

Check your junk email if you do not receive to your main mailbox.


How to Analyze The Friendship Test

After you have evaluated a variety of friendships, such best friend(s), acquaintances, family members, and coworkers, you will have gained interesting insights into various relationships in your life.


What do these numbers mean?


Remember, this is an evaluative tool meant to provide insight into various relationships you have in your life. Ideally, the scores of those closest to you, and with whom you share a close relationship, will total close to 70. However, you might find that there is a low score in one or more areas, either within a single relationship or across multiple relationships. This is an opportunity for you to reflect upon how you perceive others and how you feel you are perceived, and to engage in deepening conversations with those who are important in your life.


Some questions to reflect upon are:


Who might be a better or worse friend than I thought?
What patterns become evident with how I perceive my friends, how they perceive me, and how I think I am perceived? Why might this be?
What relationships may require a little more effort for a big gain?


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